Restricted Sports Allocation

This is how restricted sports are allocated. This is intended to be as fair as possible:

  • For each grade that has an upper limit, and that has more teams wanting to play in it than that limit, we allocate an ‘allocation factor’.
  • This factor provides a percentage chance of each entry getting into that grade. The factors for each entry in the grade are relative to each other entry in the grade.
  • No matter how high or how low the percentage, there is still a random element and entries with a low allocation factor can still get in, while entries with high factors can still miss out. The exception here is 0%. This means that your entry will not get in, and usually means that you have more than one entry in the grade (the other entry will not have a 0% chance).
  • Groups that enter multiple entries in the same grade will not have their second, third, etc entries considered before each other group that enters that grade has been given a chance of their first entry

The things that contribute to an entry’s ‘allocation factor’ are:

  • The number of sports participants registered to come with your group (the more the better your chance)
  • The number of restricted sports entries your group is attempting to sign up for (the fewer the better)
  • The priority that you give the entry (the larger the number the better, but the chance of your other restricted entries are reduced to compensate)
  • New groups get a bonus
  • The group coordinating the section gets a bonus
  • Each time you miss out on an entry, you get a bonus for the next one

What to expect

The cutoff for all Restricted Sports Entries is Monday the 8th of May. However, this does not mean that you have to nominate all of your team sport entries by then. You still have until Monday the 22nd of May to fiddle with your team sport entries.

This year, all team sports have been allocated a maximum number of entries that can be accommodated due to venue and time restrictions. We have spent a lot of effort to maximize our venue usage and expect this to increase sport accessibility for all. We anticipate that the demand for many of the team sports will not reach the limits we have set.

What will happen shortly after the 8th of May is that we will allocate all of the requested entries in the sport grades that have limits shown.

  • For any grade where the limit has not been reached, all requested entries will automatically be entered. These grades will remain open for new entries until they reach their limits (on a first-in first-served basis), or until the 22nd of May, when draws will be finalised.
  • All grades where the limit has been reached are effectively closed. Which are the successful entries in these sport grades will be decided by ballot as previously advised. You will not be notified by email, but can check your entry statuses through the “Sport Entries” section of your SYG registrations website.

At this point, we expect that by the 10th of May, you will be able to see the full results of your “Restricted Sports” allocations. Any sport entries that did not get allocated will be displayed with grey highlighting in the Sport Entries section of your site. You may delete these entries, or hold onto them in the hope that other groups will withdraw from those sport grades.