Sports - General

State Youth Games includes team and individual sports. The team sports range from the popular basketball, netball and indoor soccer to the less common Dodgeball and Ultimate Frisbee. The choreography and preparation that goes into the aerobics is also a highlight.

The individual sports have an even greater range from the active squash, mountain biking and swimming to the less physically demanding chess, Uno and darts.

Most sports are divided into several sections to cater for different ages, genders and / or abilities. There are opportunities for people to be involved as umpires, marshals and first aid officers as well as sports participants.

The custom sports form (in the downloads section) shows all the sports available at SYG.

Specific sport rules are available by clicking on the name of that sport in the index and also on the syg main site.

For information on particular sports, click here

For Team Sports Sections

Mens Teams must be all males
Ladies Teams must be all female
Open Teams can be any combination of males or females
Mixed Teams must be a mixture of males and females, with a maximum number of males allowed – see each specific sport for details.

Guidelines for Sport Sections:

A grade team members play the sport on a regular, competitive basis. Exceptions to this include uncommon sports like Ultimate Frisbee and Dodgeball, in which case A grade is more like a B grade standard.
B grade team members have played the sport before
C grade no experience needed. Beginners welcome

In the interests of good spirit, we encourage Group Coordinators to, wherever possible, place your teams in a section that best matches their ability. There is nothing more frustrating for groups than playing a team that is “too good” and should be in a higher grade, or likewise, a team that should be in a lower grade.