Sport Coordinators

We need groups attending SYG to provide volunteers to for Sports Coordinators.

The size of your group determines how many we expect you to provide

5 to 25 attendees 1 sport coordinator
26 – 45 2 sport coordinators
46 – 80 3 sport coordinators
81+ 4 sport coordinators

New groups are exempt from this requirement.

What’s involved?

A sport coordinators role is quite simple and in most cases it is really something that is fun and exciting, participating in a pivotal role amongst a large network of people.

As a coordinator, your task is to oversee the running of a particular sport for one session (or a grade of that sport, say Basketball Under 18 – 3, for example. This is one of three groups of the Basketball Under 18 competition.) You are the person who pulls the strings, so to speak.

A knowledge of the sport your coordinate is preferred but not essential. Knowledge will help where you may be required to make a decision based on the rules of that sport when a dispute may arise. This doesn’t happen too often in a ‘friendly’ sporting environment.

All the information you need will be supplied. You will be given a timetable for that session, which details who plays against who and when the games is scheduled to start. Using the Basketball example, all the scoresheets are prepared and only the teams details are left to be filled out by the teams competing before the game starts.

Again, you only have to really ensure the games run on time, fill out the details of each game on a larger sheet for spectators to read and most of the other work is done for you.

Most sports requiring referees (eg. netball & basketball) will have them supplied. In cases where they are not, churches are allocated where they need to supply a referee which they do quite willingly. These details are in the sports booklet.

Who, What and where?

All sports coordinators should report to Shona Best or Ben Dall, our sports directors, in the SYG admin office, on the evening before your sport. So if you are coordinating a sport on Sunday, please come and see them on Saturday night. They will give you all the information and equipment you need to coordinate the sport.

Other guidelines

As a sports official this weekend, you are representing State Youth Games. Therefore we’d like to provide you with some guidelines as to what is expected, and how we do things at SYG!

The spirit of SYG!

The spirit in which the sports are played at SYG is incredibly important. We want SYG to be known for its friendly atmosphere and good sportsmanship. Whilst competition is a fundamental part of sport, the emphasis is on friendliness, participation and having fun. Our goal is that all sport is conducted in the right spirit.

This means:

  • socialising with other teams (and officials) before, during and after the game.
  • congratulating the other team when they do things well
  • giving a team mate / opponent a helping hand off the ground
  • being honest and making fair calls
  • giving your best
  • having fun!

Bad sportsmanship is not tolerated under any circumstances. This means any swearing, back-chat, disrespect, or criticism should be dealt with in appropriately (and of course in the right spirit!)

We therefore request whether playing, umpiring, officiating, or administering first aid, that you join us in helping us achieve this goal! Hopefully this should not only make your job as a sports official easier, but more enjoyable!

Other points to be aware of if you’re umpiring:

  • Try to avoid umpiring games where your own church / group is participating
  • Please ensure you are familiar with the rules. Some sports have slight variations from regulation rules and it’s important you are aware of these.

Finally, please be aware of spectator safety. As an official, you have the authority to request whatever is necessary to ensure the safety of the players and the spectators.

Please consult our Sports Directors if you need any assistance.