Sports Scoring System

In Round Robin competitions, scores for and against are recorded for each match and at the end of the competition a ladder is calculated based on “Win Points” (3 points for a win; 2 points for a draw; 1 point for a loss and 0 for a forfeit).

Percentages will be used to break any deadlocks in ladder positions.

Also, in order to reduce inequity in percentages caused by blowout scores, no win will be credited as more than a 15-point victory. For example, if Team A defeats Team B by 30 points to 10, the win will be credited as a 25 points to 10 victory for percentage purposes.

At the end of the competition, the top two or four teams will play off in the finals. The number of finalists will depend on the number of teams and also the allocated time. Finals for grades with larger numbers will most likely involve the top four teams.