Promotional Material

Here are some ideas to help you promote SYG to your group.

  • use powerpoint slides
  • display the posters included in your GC pack
  • have some creative people do a drama to promote SYG
  • set up a “SYG Information Table” in the foyer area of your Church where people can come to get information and ask questions
  • mention it every week during announcements at Youth Group and / or Church
  • encourage group members to use this as an outreach event and to invite their friends. Use the phrase “Who are you inviting?”
  • consider offering a discount (or free team t-shirt) to first time SYG attendees
  • provide some incentive for people who register early (eg, discount, or something for free like a drink bottle)
  • advertise at the local school through the school chaplain
  • do a mail out to previous and / or potential SYG attendees