How Priority Points Work

Priority points are a method for you to prioritise your sports entries for grades that are in high demand. This is your way of saying “Our kids are desperate to play in this grade (Priority 5), but aren’t really fussed about playing in this other one (Priority 1)”.

Within your Sport Entries, Priorities are relative to each of your group’s other entries. For example, there is no difference whatsoever to your Sport Entries, if they all have the same priority – be that the minimum (1) or the maximum (5). So setting all of your group’s sport entries to 5 is exactly the same as leaving them all at 3.

Where Priority Points come into play is in distributing your group’s preferences in restricted grades. By assigning ‘1’ to one entry and ‘5’ to another, you are basically saying that if your group had 6 chances for restricted sports, you are assigning 1 of them to the first entry and 5 to the second.

Note that increasing the priority on one of your sports entries does not give your group any distinct advantage over other groups. All it is doing is shifting the balance of your group’s allocation factor resources across your restricted grade sports entries.


When assigning a priority to your sport entries, here are a few tips:

  • The default value for priority is ‘3’
  • The lowest priority you can assign is 1 and the highest value possible is 5.
  • A high priority number gives you a greater chance of getting a team in that sport, but at the same time, your other restricted sport entries will have a reduced chance
  • You don’t need to have a distinct sequence of numbers
  • All entries are prioritised across the whole weekend, not across each day or each sports session
  • You can prioritise as many or as few of your sport entries as you like. For example, if you really want one of your entries, it can be priority ‘5’, with the rest of them being ‘1’
  • When you update your priorities, you may need to refresh your browser to see any change in the percentage ‘Chance’ of allocation shown
  • The percentage ‘Chance’ figure will change constantly. Just because it might show 100% at some point doesn’t mean that it won’t show 50% once all groups have entered all of the teams they want
  • Priorities for sport grades that have not yet filled up do not count in these calculations. These are not considered ‘restricted’, because all requested entries will be admitted.